Free Clickbank Rotator

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سُئل Aug 29, 2018 بواسطة AudryPlumb91 (120 نقاط)
This is easy way automatically way to show every ClickBank product in a rotator.

free clickbank rotator siteSimply change the Clickbank affiliate id to your affiliate id in the rotator link. There's very little javascript. It uses a syncronous iframe. So it validates on another rotator. Put your link in another rotator for Free Clickbank Rotator Site.

Easily promote the top Clickbank products. The rotator is created from the Clickbank marketplace feed. It rarely shows an invalid products.

This doesn't require hosting, a database, or programming kills. You can very simply put the rotator where EVER you want

We created this script so there's NO setup. There's no editing, or searching for feeds. Just click the button and change the link with your clickbank username and it WILL work immediately. Just be sure to change your affiliate id.

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